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Eighteen-year-old Liara had never known a life outside of Bria Hall until she overheard a dark deal between her mother, the Princess of Rindria, and a witch. Fleeing to the neighboring nation of Tressidil, Liara seeks to live in peace and obscurity.

Soon nobles from the Thestitiunian Empire demanded to see her. Liara is faced with a choice: will she abandon her old life but risk vagrancy until her mother captures her, or will she step back into the viper pit to make alliances with an enemy nation, witches, and self-interested families? And with whatever choice she makes, will she actually ever truly find safety?

Liara must navigate irascible traveling companions, determine what is truth and what is a lie, and confront magical threats on her journey to freedom all while discovering what the actual cost of freedom may be.

The Traitors Schemes

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